A Proposal Painted with Love:Jerry & Jina's Proposal (04/30/2016)

Love is in the Air, and in the Art. Jerry + Jina are seriously the cutest couple ever. It's not often, we get to see the entire love story of a couple. But this one of kind proposal, gave us a in-depth look at this incredible couples fairy tale love story. Jerry called us in Feburary and wanted some help with setting up an out the box and personalized proposal for his long time girlfriend Jina. When Jerry came to us, he had a plethora of design ideas and personal items he wanted incorporated in his proposal. We love grooms-to-be that are so enthusiastic and hands on, because it makes the proposal ever more amazing. Instead of  focusing on just one of Jerry's ideas, our planners took the best parts of all his ideas and optimized them into one structured and impeccable proposal.

However, with every proposal there needs to be a central theme that tie in all other tangent ideas. Throughout  our discussions and meetings, we discovered that Jerry and Jina were very fond of art and loved visiting galleries in their spare time. One of most important aspects of any proposal is "location, location, location". In order to incorporate all of Jerry's proposal ideas and their mutual interest in art, our team scouted through various locations until we found the ideal venue. It was a simple art gallery in the heart of midtown, but like all blank canvases, it yearned to be to filled with art.  In order to make Jerry’s dream a reality, our team meticulously planned to transform this emotionless space to an intimately romantic and warmly lit setting.

blank canvas

Once we secured the venue, we wanted to fully grasp their relationship by collecting memories and stories to convey throughout the gallery. In order to help Jerry with the creative process, our team created a customized client-specific questionnaire of various topics. We asked about their first date, where they first met, their favorite song, etc., in order to really paint the picture of their love.

We then methodically used each answer given and created art pieces that showcased those answers. We wanted to create a customized art gallery of their love and life. Using Jerry's questionnaire answers, we also created custom description cards for each of the “art pieces" and personalized them with their custom monograms. Our goal was to have Jina to take a trip down memory lane while appreciating refined artwork, which ironically is her and Jerry's love story. 

We wanted the gallery to be unique and highlight unforgettable moments in their love life. Like their college days when they used to sleep in cars because they couldn't afford hotel rooms. Jerry described it to us as one of his fondest memories because they both would squeeze into the back seat of his compact car, and would align themselves like a "puzzle piece" so they could sleep. We used this as inspiration and created a giant jigsaw puzzle using a picture of the two of them in college in the back seat of Jerry's compact car. 

Another memory that we personified in this proposal was the couple’s love for travel. They traveled throughout the  United States together, and wanted these memories to play a role in the proposal as well.  So we designed a map of the United States and used photos of their escapades outlined in the shape of the states they visited together. 

Altogether there were about 20 different stations consisting of their favorite foods, quotes, cocktails, photo collages, nicknames and many more precious memories.

The last station was the main highlight in the entire gallery. We wanted it to be a giant canvas of photos depicting all their fondest memories together. In front of the wall of photos we decorated it will numerous flickering pillar candles and colorful rose petals to give it some flair. As Jina approached the last station with Jerry, they were joined by their adoring families and friends. Soon after, Jerry got down on one knee and popped the big question.

We are so honored to be a part of this amazing couples artistic proposal. Congrats Jerry & Jina and thank you for letting AVA be a part of your special day!