The Cadet & The Canary: Shelby & Ahmed (01/16/2016)

It was our esteem pleasure to be a part of this amazing couple’s proposal. Ahmed came to us last fall and shared his amazing story about his now fiance Shelby. It’s always remarkable when grooms-to-be have a plan in mind on how they want to pop the big question.  Ahmed, who is Marine Veteran, had every detail of the proposal drawn out, including the ring type, location and attire.  He just needed some guidance on how to execute it.

Ahmed, mentioned a few things that were must have’s for the proposal. Firstly, Shelby always wanted some canary yellow in her engagement ring. She also wanted to be proposed in a dress and  have her nails and hair done. Finally, she wanted her family & friends to be included in the proposal.

Our first mission, was to find the diamond of her dreams. First, we educated Ahmed on the do's and don'ts of ring purchasing. Next, the AVA team brought our groom-to-be to one of our preferred ring distributors. After much scrutiny and discussion, we were able to get Shelby a custom made yellow canary cushion cut diamond set in a double halo antique band.

Then we asked one of her cousins to invite Shelby to an award gala on January the 16th. It was the prefect ploy to get  Shelby to wear a dress, get her hair, nails, and makeup done, without drawing any suspicion.

Lastly, we just needed an ideal location for the proposal, where her friends and family could gather. We decided to go with Shelby's home, because she has a very sentimental attachment to it. Her family and friends are the most important aspects of her life and this was the ideal way to incorporate them.  

While she was out and about, the AVA team transformed her basement using an arch-way of stringed lights, flickering pillar candles, and rose petals in her favorite colors; yellow & purple. We also incorporated some photographs of the lovely couple, as a finishing touch.

Now came the fun part. Shelby's cousin dropped her in front of her house, all dolled up, and instructed her to go down to the basement. Little did she know, that her life was about to change. 

There was also one last surprise in store for Shelby. In all the time Ahmed and Shelby have dated, Shelby has never seen Ahmed in his Marine uniform and has always dreamt of the day he would wear it.

When Shelby approached the room, the lights were off, and there was only the glow of the stringed/candle lights, and the melody of their favorite song in the background.  Ahmed was anxiously waiting for her at the end of the arch-way in his Marine uniform.  Shelby made her way through the tunnel of lights to the man of her dreams and soon after they were engaged. It was truly a magical moment. 

They were joined immediately after by their friends and family who were watching the whole affair upstairs through a live feed.

We are so grateful that Ahmed & Shelby chose us to be a part of their special day. AVA-EM wishes them all the best in their married life. Congratulations  to this amazing couple!